UAE Entertainers believe in meeting every unique demand of our customers by serving them in the way they expect. Some of our common services include:

Wedding Planner

Weddings are a onetime event in a person’s life. Hence making it a best experience is a must. Having realized this Carnival UAE Entertainers offers wedding planner solutions based on individuals unique personal needs and imaginations of our every client. Every wedding is unique, just as the couple involved in it. Our exhaustive resource network helps us serve our clients satisfyingly having fully understood what customer expectations are. This segment of our service includes Indian Wedding Traditions, Royal Wedding, Destination Wedding Management and much more.


Party is an integral part of every celebration. Hence celebrating the unique moment of joy without much hassle, is essential. At UAE Entertainers we ensure parties remain parties, than becoming headaches. We ensure everything is in place right from the invitee list to the thank you cards. Everything will be organized by us. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your party. This segment of our service includes Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, New Year Parties, Kids Parties, and much more.


Only that which shows, sells! Recall value of everything today, highly depends on its visibility. Organizing shows showcasing your products, talents, and assets is becoming inevitable for survival today. At UAE Entertainers we ensure all your shows are well taken care. All you need to do is focus on ensuring the right aspect of showcasing your trait. This segment of our service includes Fashion Show, Road show, Laser show, Stage show, Award function and much more.


Events are a huge part of our life today. That is where we meet people who share same thoughts and exchange ideas useful for all. At UAE Entertainers we take care of all kinds of events including Corporate events, Cultural Events, Personal events, Leisure events and much more. Allow us to make your events worth the investments!

Kids Show

We are the best kids show and birthday party orgnizers in Dubai